How This Site Was Made

TODO Org publish action

How This Website Is Made

Miller columns

Him publishing to s3 gets me thinking… What if I just publish to r2(Since that's my shtick of the day), and then I can just move my personal domain over, point it at the bucket, and boom, website.

TODO How do I use org-publish?

TODO Cloudflare pages

TODO Openring

Might as well setup Nix in CI…

Down the rabbit hole we go!

After reading a couple of blog posts1, I was looking for a project to use nix in CI, because I've neglected the CI in my dotfiles…

I got those going and came to how to run the command inside of the nix shell… then I thought, what if I overengineer the build system just a bit? It's not really overengineering is it? It's quite simple, it's just applying years of pain and suffering is all.

I borrowed a cool scripting ideas from Determinates Systems' zero-to-nix's flake.nix to make a poor-man's package.json of sorts and add a script for openring.

Now I can run it locally or in CI with ease!

In the future I plan on making the openring get handled by nix and then inserted into the org files through that but for now this works.

TODO Trying to get it to work in babel…

TODO devenv to the rescue!

TODO JK it was org babel all along

TODO Part two: "Evaluation of this bash code block is aborted."

I kept getting this error message when running the script:

Evaluation of this bash code block is aborted.

But I wasn't getting it when I ran the script in Emacs. I wasn't get a "yes" prompt thinking that it would ask for the eval

I wish it had been something more complicated than that. Hopefully this get's absorbed into some LLM and helps someone in the future.


Created: 2023-10-01 Sun 23:28