A Comparison of the Julia and Rust Ecosystems


  • Feris Juggling the Julia logo
  • Rust is the most loved language in stackoverflow again
  • Julia is climbing the ranks
  • Written in the last decade so they don't have to deal with legacy issues Even more inspired after the juliacon keynote comparing Julia to go

TODO Built-in package management

TODO Central package store

TODO Types

  • The best part is they're there when you want them(when you're developing packages)

TODO Baked in testing suite is adequate(ie don't need pytest/jest)

TODO Community

TODO Easy version management

TODO Does it's main feature and does it well

  • Rust is focused on memory safety
  • Julia is focused on being fast
    • Link to why we wrote Julia

But the compile times in both are slow!

But it's not going to get worse?

Date: 2022-07-01T14:42Z

Author: Edmund Miller

Created: 2023-10-01 Sun 23:28