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The forbidden topics

There are forbidden topics in the hacker community. One is sternly reprimanded for bringing them up, by their peers, their leaders, and the community at large. In private, one can expect threats and intimidation; in public, outcry and censorship. The forbidd…

via Drew DeVault's blog September 29, 2023

Gözde defends her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Büyükkahraman!

Employing scRNA-seq, bulk RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, and elegant experimentation, Gøzde uncovered a very interesting feature of interferon and inflammatory response.Cells, like us, are in a very regimented schedule for various functions and activities. Schedule a…

via News - Functional Genomics Laboratory September 22, 2023

Monica vs the Machine - Women's 2023 World Cup Analysis

Once upon a time Once upon a time there was a girl who played soccer. She played so much soccer that after years and years of playing, she now has a couple of D3 records to her name. While I am now a fully retired, washed up fan who strictly spectates - I …

via data girl in a data world July 20, 2023

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