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Edmund Miller

Author Blurb

Edmund Miller is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Functional Genomics Lab at the University of Texas at Dallas. His research focus is on nascent transcript identification, in an effort to identify regulatory regions of the genome on a large scale. Since joining nf-core in 2020, he’s been involved in an eclectic group of nf-core projects, from testing, to subworkflows, and couple of other pipelines. After becoming a maintainer in 2022, His current focus is on the maintaining nascent, methylseq, and demultiplex pipelines.


What’s your PhD in again?

Technically, my degree program is in “Molecular and Cell Biology” but my main focus is functional genomics. To study it I use bioinformatics and computational biology techniques.

My actual research project is to better understand the biology of a type of nascent RNAs called enhancer RNAs(eRNAs). To do this I’ve dog-fooded a highly reproducible pipeline to identify nascent RNA transcriptions, using Nextflow and nf-core because slight changes in the processing of the data can result in ~25% difference in the results. Using those results I’m then working to better understand the function that eRNAs play on a genome wide scale.

Short Answer

Bioinformatics, Biology, I don’t know, I write code.