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Edmund Miller

I'm Starting a Writing Streak

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This is my second year reading The Daily Stoic. Of course with anything that starts on January 1st, I’m a month behind half way through the year.

I was reading May 16th last night and it talked about “The Chain Method”. Here’s the explanation:

The comedian Jerry Seinfeld once gave a young comic named Brad Isaac some advice about how to write and create material. Keep a calendar, he told him, and each day that you write jokes, put an X. Soon enough, you get a chain going---and then your job is to simply not break the chain. Success becomes a matter of momentum. Once you get a little, it’s easier to keep it going.

My partner has recently started writing a ton for her new job, and she loves a streak so I suggested we start a writing streak on my Lego Grad Student calendar(Which also happens to still be in May).

This is day one. This won’t always be a blog post, it could be writing in my slipbox, or reading a paper and taking notes(also in the slipbox). We’re also counting writing documentation. I’m hoping the physical calendar and X’s help!

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